Beautyrest complete adjustable bases

Each Beautyrest Complete Adjustable Base is equipped to personalize your sleep experience. Whether it's a simple adjustment in elevation, a shift in your partner's position to ease their snoring, or a comforting massage, a Beautyrest Complete Adjustable Base lets you optimize your sleep with a touch of a button.

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Basics of the Base

A box spring is a great foundation for your new Beautyrest mattress. However, upgrading to one of our three adjustable bases is the only way to get the complete Beautyrest sleep experience - positioning you at the touch of a button for the perfect angle to read, watch television and of course sleep. With three distinct models available, we have the right base for you. Here are some of the additional benefits you can find:

Smooth, Quiet Design

Beautyrest Complete Bases use a smooth motion motor to adjust without creating a stir for you or your sleep partner.

Massage While You Rest

Use massage capability to help relieve the stress of your day and fall asleep more quickly and soundly.

Smart Home Compatible

With a Beautyrest Black Luxury Base, simply ask your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device to raise or lower your head, turn on the under bed light or any other function without searching for your remote in the dark!

SmartMotion Base
Pictured: Beautyrest Black Luxury Base

Compare  Beautyrest Complete adjustable Bases

The Beautyrest Simple Motion Base is the perfect upgrade from a traditional flat foundation.

The Beautyrest Advanced Motion Base adds convenience and a bit of pampering to your adjustable bed setup.

Furniture-like upholstery and sleek form pairs perfectly with any Beautyrest Black Mattress' style and design

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